The foundation of our thinking


Safety comes first

Two educators are onsite at all times children are present and all permanent staff hold a current First Aid certification with annually updated CPR qualifications. Throughout the day our team takes pride in meeting regulatory requirements to maintain a safe play space for the children and a safe workplace for one another.

For children, safety means more than their physical environment though. Safety means being in the care of someone they have trust in, where they feel safe, secure and supported. We take time to build relationships with children and their families in order to bond and know unique qualities in every child.

Family is a child’s first and foremost educator

To partner with parents is to be communicative, honest and deliver what we promise. Parents have a right to access information regarding their children; they have a right to be informed of their child’s learning and to have input to their child’s learning. We will make time whenever possible to keep parents up to date, to solicit their feedback and to involve them in their children’s days. We will consider our program and reflect on it, documenting it and delivering what we have documented.

Children role model behaviours they see in people they love and trust

As educators we acknowledge children are social learners and we need to “practice what we preach”. If we want children to treat one another and their educators compassionately and respectfully then these are attributes we must display in our behaviours towards children, their families, our visitors and our fellow team members. Through clear, unambiguous communication our children will develop strong social and emotional skills.

Education is delivered through play-based learning environments

Children’s interests are observed and used to design play-based learning opportunities which encourage curiosity, imagination, and persistence. We believe to be effective educators we must continually assess children’s learning and to do this it is essential we engage in meaningful conversations and interactions with our children. Through hands-on opportunities and social experiences, our children will construct knowledge by making connections with the past and present. We base our programming and planning on the Early Years Learning Framework.

Leaders in child care, with unique, evidence-based programs

Cressy Road Cottage is also one of the first services in Australia to train with RIE® and adopt the RIE principles. Each child is treated with respect and empathy, listened to and valued.