Fun learning spaces surrounded by nature


Toddlers are active, inquisitive people discovering their power in the world! By this age children are beginning to follow similar routines, play, eat, sleep. Though some children may have slightly different routines and we’re always happy to be adaptive to children’s individual needs.

Through stories (whether sung, spoken or read) children are exposed to many more words than they would be in everyday conversation. A language-rich environment utilising different story-telling techniques helps build a strong and diverse vocabulary. Numbers begin to be used for counting and words are used to describe mathematical concepts – more, big, full for example. A large vocabulary is key to further learning!

Learn through play

Our toddlers enjoy a dedicated art area where pencils, paints, clays and other materials are freely available. Loose parts to explore allow children to play at their own level and be creative with symbolic representations dramatic play opportunities. Carefully crafted programs to maximise the learning opportunities of each child are developed by a university-trained teacher.


Enrolment Information for 2-3

Love the idea the idea of a fun, nurturing space for your 2-3 year old to explore and learn in? Find out more about our enrolment process at our Ryde based child care cottage.