Exploring with play-based learning


Our junior pre-school room is identical in size and layout to the senior pre-school environment. With lots of spaces for children to interact and explore shared learning opportunities there is also room for quieter, independent play. Research has shown that play-based learning is the most successful way for children in the early years to develop deep, sustained thinking skills and knowledge which is why a university trained teacher writes individual programs for each child based on their play.

Children activate more areas in the brain when they are physical, happy and confident which means play provides the optimal learning conditions! Our resources are selected based on current research and credible theories, with lots of manipulative toys to help develop fine motor skills, open ended materials to stimulate imaginative play and a wide variety of art materials to create with as well as a range of different types of reading resources, puzzles and building blocks.

Play amongst nature

Children have access to expansive gardens outside along with a massive sandpit and grassed area (real grass, that is!). Having mature gardens that have grown over more than 30 years we are fortunate to attract lots of native birds and insects. We encourage children to see the garden as a shared space where we can co-exist with native wildlife, in harmony.


Enrolment Information for 3-4

Love the idea the idea of a fun, nurturing space for your 3-4 year old to explore and learn in? Find out more about our enrolment process at our Ryde based child care cottage.