Learn about the world, explore and play


The culmination of many years our senior pre-school room is generally the last stop before formal schooling. It is so important that four year olds have an opportunity to be four rather than practise being five so we continue following the research and providing play-based programs. Some group times occur as children develop an interest in coming together and discussing ideas and concerns relevant to them. They begin to deliver short news presentations during which others are encouraged to think of meaningful questions to ask.

By this age, many children develop an interest in writing and lots of purposeful opportunities are provided to explore symbolic representations. The NSW Foundation Font is used along with Montessori writing aides to support the correct stroke order. Children develop these skills when it is important to them, there is no rush, it isn’t a race. Some children come into the group at the beginning of the year able to write their name, for others, it may not be something they become interested in until towards the end of the year. There is no right time, just the right time for each individual child.

Confident & ready for school

We provide materials and provocations to inspire a sense of wonder, our aim is always to create critical thinkers who are capable in making connections between new concepts and established knowledge. We encourage children to take responsibility for their environment and ownership of their impact on others. We believe the most fundamental skills we can send our children to school with are the ability to get along with others and the confidence to speak up when something is not right. We’ve always had such positive, wonderful feedback from families when their children leave us, which makes saying farewell just a little bit easier!


Enrolment Information for 4+

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