Competitive Fees

Our fees are kept as low as possible and in line with other centres in the area. While remaining financially viable, we provide top quality resources, investing in our staff and the centre. Government assistance through Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is available to all Australian families. Our on-site experiences are paid for by the centre, allowing all fundraising we do to go directly to charities that we support.

High Professional Staff Ratios

You can be confident that your child is in trained, experienced hands. At Cressy Road Early Learning we employ well above the standard level of trained, experienced and qualified staff.

Commitment to Professional Development

All of our staff are first aid trained (including specific training in Asthma management and Anaphylaxis management), and all partake in an ongoing personal professional development program – with formal training and ongoing workshops. Our aim is to retain the best staff by providing a satisfying and rewarding workplace that allows staff to grow and develop in all aspects of their lives.

Commitment to High Quality Care

At our previous locations we were awarded a rating of Exceeding the National Standards in All Areas of the National Quality Framework – which rates us on the areas of educational program and practice; children’s health and safety; physical environment; staff arrangements; relationships with children and families; collaborative partnerships with families and communities; and leadership and service management.

Our staff are recruited and retained based on their dedication to their job and their love of working with children. The benefits to your child are both a higher continuity of care and quality individual interactions. More than half of our staff have been working with us for over 15 years.

Family Grouping

At many times throughout the day, children from the same family, but in different age groups, are encouraged to play together. This strengthens the bonds of a family and helps them to settle into the centre.

We Provide Nutritious Meals

In addition to providing everything your child needs throughout the day, we also ensure all children receive nutritious balanced meals, meeting at least 70% of their daily needs, with a focus on fresh, plentiful, healthy foods. All our meals have been approved by Feed Australia who are a world-leading nutritional education and preventative health initiative. Our cooks have been trained by Munch and Move to implement delicious, fun, nutritional meals.

Long Hours of Operation

Our extended opening hours – from 7am to 6pm – mean that your working day is as flexible as possible.

Transition to School / Preschool Program

The centre as a whole has a comprehensive learning and activities program, developed by qualified teachers. The play-based program has a foundation in the children’s emerging interests, engaging them in the concepts they’re learning. We focus on both the academic/intellectual development of the child, as well as their social/emotional skills and development.

Teaching Strong Moral Values

As a part of our philosophy to early education, we re-enforce the values that parents teach their children at home, and provide experiences with other children to demonstrate and practice those values.

Gross Motor Outdoor Play

We encourage lots of physical activity and sun-safe outdoor play, teaching a range of gross motor skills and social games. This encourages a healthy, active lifestyle and is based on many of the principles of the Munch and Move program. The Munch and Move program is embedded and implemented daily in our program. We hold monthly sports days and daily sports and games times.

Computers and Technology

We limit children’s use of screen time to two specific learning apps developed by the Australian government’s Department of Education: ELLA – Early Learning Language App; and ELSA – Early Learning STEM App. Both of these apps enable children to access digital media, in order to learn collaboratively, through play. The ELLA program teaches children a second language. Learn more about ELLA here.

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Cressy Road Early Learning is a privately owned, family run centre, with a strong commitment to participative, consultative and collaborative management.