Cressy Road Early Learning is committed to our policy of maintaining competitive fees.

We aim to keep our fees to families as low as possible. You will find our fees compare favourably to other centres in the area.

Outlined below are some of our policies relating to fees. You should also read our Policy Manual, which provides these and other policies in more detail.

Fee Structure

Please speak with our office team to find out our current fees.

Child Care Subsidy

Most Australian Families are entitled to a reduction in their fees via Child Care Subsidy. The Child Care Subsidy is paid directly to the Centre. Please contact Centrelink (Dept. of Human Services 13 61 50) prior to your first day of attendance to obtain your Customer Reference Number (CRN) if you don’t already have this, and for further information in regards to this rebate and eligibility. We are required to submit your CRN to the Department prior to your child/ren’s commencement.

Methods of Payment

Fees can be paid by:

  • Cash

  • Cheque

  • Direct Debit – please speak with staff about details

We can also offer salary packaging options (speak with the management team)

Fees Include:

  • All food and drinks (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack)

  • Programmed activities

  • Nappies

  • All on-site exeperiences

  • Regular local excursions

  • All resources (though donations are welcome!)

  • Portfolios

  • Sunscreen

  • Access to ELLA and ELSA

  • Daily activities such as sport, yoga, music, provided by trained professionals

You will need to Bring:

  • A hat

  • A labelled drink bottle

  • A change of clothes (as well as warmer / colder clothes)

  • Sheets etc. if you child is sleeping

  • All Items must be labelled

Fees / Other Charges

Please read this section carefully. The terms set out here and in our Handbook and Policy Manual are the conditions of your child’s enrolment at the centre.

Fees are charged on a daily rate based on the room that your child is in.

Fees are to be paid in advance or on the first day of attendance each week.

Fees being paid late will result in the issue of a fine and repeated late payment may result in a child’s position at the Centre being cancelled. Refer to late fees policy.

Deposit / Bond

A deposit of two weeks’ full fees is required upon enrolment (calculated without Child Care Subsidy being deducted).

This deposit is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled (ie if the child leaves the centre or fails to start). Your bond will be returned to you 3 weeks after your final day.

Cancellation of Position

A minimum of 4 weeks’ written notice is required if you wish to withdraw your child from the centre. Any adjustments to fees must be made prior to this.

Late Payment of Fees

If fees are more than 1 week in arrears an administration fee of $10 is added to your account. if your account reaches over $500 or 3 weeks overdue an additional 5% charge will be added. For accounts that remain overdue, (ie 3 late charges have been applied) the centre will cancel the booking, and make the place available to another child. (See our Policy – Places at Top Ryde Early Learning).


We ask that you do not bring your unwell child into the centre. Our staff reserves the right to refuse daily admission to the centre if a child is obviously unwell or infectious. Please see our policies in the Illness, Infectious Diseases and Exclusion section.

Changes to Days

If you wish to change your enrolled days, you must provide 4 weeks’ notice in writing, during which time you will be required to pay the full fees for your enrolled days.

Public Holidays

Throughout the Australian working year we have public holidays. The centre is closed on public holidays. Child Care Subsidy covers you for public holidays. You are still required to pay fees for public holidays.

Make-up days are available for 1- to 4-day children and a $10 discount is given to 5-day families for any public holidays (conditions apply).


There may be other fees, discounts, and charges (eg Late Fees) that are applicable to your family under certain circumstances. Please read our entire policy manual to ensure that you understand how these relate to your family.

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