We aren’t currently seeking to fill any positions, but if you are interested in employment in early childhood education and care, please send your CV, with a cover letter, to Nicole via email: enquiries@stellarlearning.info. Please make sure the email subject line is ‘CV for consideration’.


Helen was kind enough to share her thoughts for incoming educators

“I’ve worked for Nesha for 15 and a half years as an Educator and during my time I have worked with babies to pre-school aged children. Nesha is a strong believer and supporter in children’s rights and education and the ongoing education of her staff.

During my years I have been fortunate enough to have participated in many education programs that Nesha has brought to the centre for the ongoing support and growth of her staff. With Nesha’s support and guidance I was able to further my education and complete my Certificate III.

I have worked with many wonderful people over the years and wish everyone the best. If you’re looking for a job that will give you growth, support, be part of an awesome team and love what you do, then a job in childcare is for you.”